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Archive for August, 2011

How to Find a Mail Order Business that can Make You a Millionaire

Many readers of my book have asked me how do I find a mail order business that can make me a millionaire. My book offers many suggestions and here’s some additional ones from a current issue of SMALL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES.

CASH IN COLLECTIBLES: The franchised Vintage Stock stores sell new and vintage music. DVDs, comics, game cards and more. Many of their franchisees exceed sales of $1 million. See to learn more or even better search out flea markets, or second hand book and record stores near where you live. Many have entire collections of records, DVDs or books that you can pick up for pennies and sell for dollars.

EBAY POWER SELLERS: PowerSellers are those who consistently make $20,000 a month and more through eBay sales and auctions. There are PowerSellers who make $150,000 a month. Check out eBay Strategies: 10 Proven Methods to Maximize Your eBay Business by Scott Wingo, (Prentice Hall), eBay PowerSeller Secrets: Insider Tips from eBay’s Most Successful Sellers by Debra Schepp and Brad Schepp (McGraw-Hill/Osbourne) and Skip McGrath’s How to Start and Run an eBay Consignment Business (McGraw-Hill)

VISUAL COMMUNICATIONS FRANCHISE: Check out Their franchisees have average annual sales of more than $1 million a year.

IMPORT/EXPORT EMPIRE: If you find the right product to import from a cheapie source, you can make a mint selling it to shops, flea markets, online, etc. Looking for information to start your import/export empire? Don’t forget the U.S. Small Business Administration. Visit or call 800-827-5722 to learn about their many programs in International Trade and the Export Working Capital Program. You should also contact the U.S. Department of Commerce via their site: or call 202-482-2000 to learn more about their U.S Export Assistance Centers. The Export-Import Bank (EXIMBANK) is an independent federal government agency that provides export financing to large and small businesses. Call them at 202-565-3900. For more on specific (EXIMBANK) programs call their hotline at: 800-565-3946.

MARKET YOUR INVENTION: Do you have a million-dollar idea? If you think you do, conduct your own due diligence search to find out if anyone is doing something similar. If no, consider going for it. There are dozens of books to help you. I like everything from Nolo on inventing, especially The Inventor’s Notebook. Check it out at

Sir Isaac Newton Mathematical “Genius” was a fool for Alchemy the “Social Media” of his Times

Sir Isaac Newton born Dec., 25, 1642 lived a long and productive life. He died at the age of 85 in 1728. The N.Y. Times Oct 12, 2010 edition has an excellent article about him in their Science Times section under the byline of Natalie Angier. She claims that Newton moonlighted as a conjurer of chemicals. “Newton’s parallel intellectual passion, alchemy, was kept hidden from view, but the scope is now becoming clear.” You may wonder how reading this article or today’s blog will help you become a mail order millionaire, bear with me and you’ll be rewarded.

She writes “Sir Isaac Newton was a towering genius in the history of science, he knew he was a genius, and he didn’t like wasting his time. Born on Dec, 25, 1642, the great English physicist and mathematician rarely socialized or traveled far from home. he didn’t play sports or a musical instrument, gamble at Whist or a horse. He dismissed poetry as ‘a kind of ingenious nonsense’. “and the one time he attended an opera he fled at the third act. Newton was unmarried, had no known romantic liaisons and well may have died at the age of 85 with his virginity intact. ‘I never knew him to take any recreation or pastime,’ “said his assistant, Humphrey Newton,” ‘thinking all hours lost that were not spent on his studies’. “No it wasn’t easy being Newton. Not only did he hammer out the universal laws of motion and gravitational attraction, formulating equations that are still used today to plot the trajectories of space rovers bound for Mars; he discovered the spectral properties of light and found time to invent calculus. Sir Isaac had a whole other full-time career, a parallel intellectual passion that he kept largely hidden from view but that rivaled and sometimes surpassed in intensity his devotion to celestial mechanics. Newton was a serious alchemist, who spent night upon dawn for three decades of his life slaving over a stygian furnace in search of the power to transmute one chemical element into another”. In other words to transform lead into gold.

The rest of Ms. Angier’s article is well written and well worth reading but here’s what it means to those who yearn to become millionaires and especially “Mail Order Millionaires”. Many successful traditional advertising experts insist that short copy is better than long copy, a funny headline is better than one that promises a benefit, 30 second commercials are better at selling a product than longer commercials… are dead wrong and mail order advertisers can prove it. Mail Order is the only type of advertising that can track with accuracy whether an ad or commercial is profitable for the advertiser and most of these so called experts, although knowledgeable about traditional advertising like Sir Isaac was knowledgeable about science and mathematics but had no clue when it came to believing in alchemy.

They have no idea on how to construct a mail order ad or commercial because they haven’t been trained in the art. This is not my opinion but comes from one of traditional advertisings’ greatest stars, David Ogilvy – founder of Ogilvy & Mather, who insisted all his creative writers and managers be trained in the discipline of direct response advertising (another name for mail order) before creating or managing more traditional advertising.

Invisible Man Built the World’s First Computer, You Can Use This Invention to Become a Mail Order Millionaire

If you’ve never heard of John Atanasoff, you’re not alone. I hadn’t either until I read about him in the Oct. 11-17, 2010 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek. He happens to be the inventor of arguably the 20th Century’s most important product. A product you are using to read this very blog. Mr. Atanasoff invented the world’s first computer and it was back before most of you were born.

Here’s how the author of the article describes how it happened. “One night a young physics professor named John Atanasoff got up from his dining room table and went for a drive along the Iowa back roads.’I was in such a mental state,’ he recalled dramatically, ‘that no resolution was possible’. “When he crossed into Illinois, though, Atanasoff spotted a roadside tavern. He went inside, ordered a bourbon and soda, took a sip, and then, with the crispness of a Frank Capra scene, the moment he’d waited for his entire life revealed itself. The design of the world’s first working computer flashed before his eyes. He jotted down the plan on a cocktail napkin. It was 1937.

Author Jane Smiley tells this this fascinating story in her new book The Man Who Invented the Computer: The Biography of John Atanasoff, Digital Pioneer, and quite a story it is. “Born to Bulgarian immigrants, Atanasoff grew up in tiny Brewster, Fla. As a child, he memorized the manual for his father’s Model T Ford and wired his family’s home for electricity. As he got older, he sought the attention of girls by teaching himself to crochet. He spoke often about non-decimal ways of counting and considered himself a precocious mathematician.

While earning his PhD at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, Atanasoff became sick of using a Monroe calculator-a typewriter-like device whose power was limited to solving simple equations. After landing a job teaching quantum mechanics at Iowa State University, he tinkered with existing calculators, including one created by IBM, to make them more powerful. With a graduate student and a $650 grant, he built a prototype of his computer, the ABC, in 1940.

There’s a reason you never heard of Atanasoff. Having been called to work on government war programs, he wasn’t able to patent his invention. Only in 1973, after a lengthy court battle, was he credited with being the inventor of the first digital computer. which was assembled in the basement of the Iowa State physics building. The ABC (Atanasoff-Berry Computer) consisted of vacuum tubes and regenerative capacitor memory elements-capable of storing bits of data-that was 6 feet long and more than 3 feet tall, about the size of a souped-up Weber barbecue grill. Atanasoffs story is a reminder of computing’s original mission: to solve equations and problems that humans were incapable of handling themselves. Smiley notes that Atanasoff envisioned a machine much like the human brain, with regenerative operation, and storage memory. As Atanasoff once wrote: “I had been forced to the conclusion that if I wanted a computer suited to the general needs of science and, in particular, suited to solving systems of linear equations, I would have to build it myself.” It was a noble purpose. Thanks to Mr. Atanasoff and the other early pioneers who had no idea what the future would hold for this early invention. At that time it would have taken hundreds of his machines to provide the computing muscle of 15 minutes on the IPhone. Read this book, you’ll be glad you did.

Today’s computers make selling products direct to the consumer via the Internet easier than ever to become a mail order millionaire HOW TO BECOME A MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE my newly revised book contains the most complete guide to making profits on line. The book not only shows you how to find products but teaches you how and where to sell them. It is available in hard copy and digital version on line and through AMAZON. For a free copy of the practical chapter from my book 16 SURE FIRE CHECK LISTS THAT GUARANTEE SUCCESS, shoot me an email. No obligation.

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