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Do You Want To Become A Mail Order Millionaire?

I recently came across a website: and quickly realized I had neglected a very important piece of information from my book HOW TO BECOME A MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE. When I started in the mail order business in 1953 it was with an advertising agency that specialized in mail order clients. They were very successful because they had been instrumental in making their clients successful. What a simple formula for success! I fell in love with the business because of the instant gratification of seeing our clients grow their business to heights beyond their expectations due to our agency’s recommendations.


Many of the more traditional advertisers spent millions of dollars a year in magazines, newspapers and on radio…TV was just beginning to attract some of those dollars at that time and it was commonly known that only 60% of their advertising dollars actually worked to produce customers and sales. Big problem was how to identify what worked and what didn’t. If they could only solve that problem they could save millions of dollars yearly. Too bad they never paid any attention to what mail order advertisers knew about accountability

SPEND $100…..TAKE IN $1000.

How come mail order advertisers could track their results so accurately and the big boys at the national advertising agencies couldn’t is very simple.Every mail order sale is key coded. Every order that came in the mail, every phone order that came in response to an advertisement had a key code…Dept XXXXX OperatorXXXXX Extension XXXXX. That key code identified the publication, the issue date and the specific advertising message so that for every dollar spent, they knew exactly how many dollars of sales it produced. No wonder mail order advertising had become the fastest growing segment of the advertising business.


To become successful in mail order you have to ask yourself… How Badly Do I Want It?

Have you noticed that most motivated people aren’t afraid of making decisions, despite the emotional and physical cost? Or that their decisions are accompanied by a healthy dose of determinaion? Why are motivated people so “goal oriented”? All people have desires, aims, and even dreams. The problem is, not everyone is motivated enough to actualize those dreams. Motivation is when you choose to do hard things because it is the right thing to do…for yourself, your boss, your client, your family, your life.

How Badly Do You Want or Need It?… Motivation is a function of desire. It doesn’t come from a passing fancy. It isn’t seasonal or variable. What you do has to mean a lot to you before you feel motivated. Your passion will make you lose sleep sometimes and maybe even raise your stress level. Passion and desire are the emotional building blocks of motivation.

What Is The One Thing On Your Mind?… Motivation is a function of priority. It is not a footnote or the thing you do when you “have time.” Unmotivated people sometimes have lots of things they would like to do, but nothing that stands out or compels them. Motivation responds to simplicity, priority, and clear goals.

There Is Always A Price To Pay…. Being motivated can be costly. It can cost you time, effort, money and comfort. This is why the object of your motivation has to be that important. Motivation is what takes you beyond the barrier of complacence and pushes you toward achieving your goals.

You Have To Lay It All Out On the Line… And that’s not just a line. Motivation at its highest level is about constantly giving your all. The level of sacrifice required is high. The implication of this in a competitive business environment is clear. Everyone wants a partner who will do their utmost to deliver an excellent product. You can only really compete if you are motivated.

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I choose to close this weeks blog with my favorite philosopher BEN FRANKLIN

All philosophy in two words, sustain and abstain.

“To be thrown upon one’s own resources is to be cast into the very lap of fortune; for our faculties then undergo a development and display an energy of which they were previously unsusceptible.”

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