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Archive for October, 2011

Thank you Steve Jobs

Apple - Steve Jobs - Hong Kong design student Jonathan Mak, possible a homage to a Raid71 design.

Thanks, Steve
We’ve all been lucky to live in a world where there was a person with such an imagination

The above and what follows is from an editorial written by Stanley Bing who contributes his wisdom and writing skills to every issue of FORTUNE. It alone is worth the price of a subscription.

“I WANTED TO TAKE THIS OPPORTUNITY before time and our common mortality rob me of the chance to do so, to thank you, Steve Jobs, for all that you have done for me. No, I never had the privilege of meeting you, or had a chance to get yelled at by you in a business meeting, or even watch your charisma transform an audience into acolytes. But I feel as if I know you well enough to express, as you ascend to your new role as chairman, the sadness I feel and my gratitude for so many of the good things that you have brought to my life. It‘s not business, it’s personal.

I want to thank you for my graphical interface. There were computers, of course, before you made that first Mac. They could run only one program at a time. They had no graphics. You knew that was lame. You imagined the alternative—multiple programs, launched by clicks, running concurrently in a windowed field. Last night I I watched a movie, printed photos, harvested e-mail, and bought a bunch of business socks, all at the same time. So thanks for my GUI.

I want to thank you for my mouse. Can you imagine a world without mousses? I can’t. Before you bred them for commercial use, a person needed a host of keyboard commands to get anything done, and a lot programming code to produce words and numbers on paper. I read somewhere that you got the vision after you visited Xerox’s PARC. They showed you what they were up to, but they sort of didn’t know what they had. You ran with it. Because that’s the way you did everything. All in. Feet first.

I want to thank you for all Macs, great and small. I went to your Apple store the other day and saw a tidy row of new machines, from the slender new Airs to the massive towers of power. I wanted every one. They’re pretty and shiny, unlike my big old black rubberized clunker the corporation gave me, and the last time I got a virus was just before I put my Windows PC into the closet. That was when I sent the phrase “I love you” to 22,000 fellow employees and the CEO “I love you, too, but let’s not let anybody know,” he-mailed back.

I want to thank you for my Airport Extreme, the small white box through which I get my Internet. Before it, I used to have to plug it in and configure this horrible router. It never worked. I often ended up screaming and crying and throwing hardware at the wall. This thing? You just plug it in and use it. Sometimes as I fall asleep I watch the little fellow, with its round eye glowing green in the darkness, a beacon of easy functionality.

Thanks for my iPod, which pretty much defined how I listen to music now. And for iTunes, which you made too easy not to understand. And for my iPad, too which despite all is really nothing more than an Angry Birds machine. No, you can’t work on it. So what? Work isn’t everything.

And thanks for my new iPhone, which channels a million apps and does everything well except the phone part. A pompous Silicon Valley dude I know used to say, with a weary grin, “every year is the year for mobile.” Until you decided it was, Steve. And so I never have to generate a single unaided thought for the rest of my life. What a relief!

And oh,yeah. Thanks for TOY STORY too. And UP. Really loved UP.

Its been your world, Steve. And we’ve been lucky enough to run along behind you, picking up goodies as you dropped them in our path. It’s a little scary to think that one day you’ll go off to your famous mountaintop and not return with the next big thing. But at least we can all say we lived in a time when there was a person with such an imagination and offer thanks in whatever digital or analog format we choose, wherever on earth we may be. We can do that now.”

A quote from this addresses says it all.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart”

The only addition I care to add to this tribute to this great man is that Steve Jobs real legacy is APPLE itself. Without fanfare he quietly made sure his beloved company was built to last.

If At First You Don’t Succeed… The Wright Way To Go

Like flight pioneers Orville and Wilbur Wright, you’ll never get off the ground if you don’t try.

This weeks blog is inspired from an article in the October issue of THE RED BULLETIN written by Jeff Wise, a journalist and the author of “Extreme Fear: The Science of Your Mind in Danger

Jeff writes, “On the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight, 35,000 people gathered at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, to watch a replica of the famous first plane take to the air. Nothing had been left to chance: the $1.2 million reproduction was exact in every detail, right down to the thread count in the muslin that covered the wing struts.

However, the weather was failing to cooperate. When the hallowed moment came, it was raining—and worse, almost completely windless. At last the drizzle subsided. With the help of some of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s descendents, the craft was maneuvered onto its launching rail. The pilot throttled the engine up to its maximum 12 horsepower, and the replica Flyer set off down the 200-foot track.

It didn’t get very far. Rearing up, it climbed about 6 inches off the ground and then finally slumped ignominiously into a puddle. As 35,000 people witnessed first hand that day, the Wright’s “first airplane was such a poor flyer that it barely qualified to be called an airplane at all. It only managed to get off the ground back in December 1903 because there happened to be a strong wind that day.

In retrospect, we now understand that the Wright brothers made many wrong guesses in configuring their design. The propellers were in the back, instead of the front; the elevator (this controls the movement of an aircraft’s tail) was in the front, instead of the back; the wings angled downward, instead of upward. The plane was barely controllable.

Does that mean that the brothers’ first flight – a 12-second hop was a historical irrelevance? Not at all. The Wright’s did accomplish something epochal that day. Until that moment of quasi-flight, no one really knew whether a heavier-than-air flying machine lay within the realm of possibility. After Kitty Hawk, they did. The Wright brothers may not have had all the details worked out, but they had one foot through the doorway.

A similar dynamic holds true for us as individuals. We each live a life bounded by a sense of what we know to be possible for ourselves. Everything else lies beyond, in the realm of Things That We Might Not Be Able To Do. And then, one day, we cross over the line, and our personal domain is forever enlarged.

Is this the day you decide to become an entrepreneur, perhaps start your own mail order business. If you don’t give it a shot, you’ll never have the opportunity to cross over the line. “Before Edmund Hillary climbed Everest, no one knew the human body could endure such punishing conditions. Before Roger Bannister broke the four minute mile in 1954 it was a goal that lay in the far fringes of possibility. When reports of the Wrights’ achievement leaked out, they electrified a group of European engineers and inventors who had been working for years to solve the problem of flight. They had no details about how the Flyer worked-the Wright brothers were legendarily secretive-but knowing what they were tackling was definitely possible, they redoubled their efforts. Then on October 23, 1906, a Brazilian-born inventor named Alberto Santos-Dumont took to the air in a craft he called “14 bis“. The world as these pioneers knew it was forever changed.

Opportunity is all around if you are willing to get up and cross that line. Here’s one that could change your life.

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Overcome the Fear of Failure and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

It has never been more important to consider BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR. Most men and women are finding it almost impossible to find a job these days…any job, let alone one that utilizes their skills and pays them a living wage. Why not consider a business of your own. One that requires no franchise fees, no licensing. One that can be easily started from your home. What keeps most people from making this most obvious decision is FEAR OF FAILURE.

Let me help you take that first step Becoming an entrepreneur, starting your own mail order business can be scary for someone who has never done it. I will try to eliminate some of that apprehension.

BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR is all about fear.


“The difference between succeeding and failing is how you choose to confront your fears”

This quote is from Chris Savage, CEO and co-founder of WISTIA an online video hosting service.

My newly revised book HOW TO BECOME A MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE will help to eliminate two of these three fears and make the third fear irrelevant. How do I know this? Because after more than forty years in the mail order advertising business, I have learned the secrets to success. This knowledge along with how to instructions are all in my book.

In this book I will share with you all I know about starting and running your own successful mail order business. There are 12 easy to read chapters that take you from Chapter 1 HOW TO START YOUR OWN MAIL ORDER BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH to Chapter 12… FOURTEEN SURE-FIRE CHECK OFF LISTS that practically guarantees success.

I’m so sure that after reading this book you will no longer fear failure or fear making wrong decisions that if you don’t
agree just return the book and I will send your money back…no questions asked.

  • CHAPTER 1 How To Start Your Own Mail Order Business From Scratch
  • CHAPTER 2 How To Find Great Mail Order Products
  • CHAPTER 3 How To Make Your Mail Order Business Profitable From the Start
  • CHAPTER 4 What Should Your Product or Service Sell For
  • CHAPTER 5 How to Add the Magic of Mail Order to Any Existing Business
  • CHAPTER 6 Secrets to Creating Winning Mail Order Ads
  • CHAPTER 7 How to Know When You’ve Got A Winner
  • CHAPTER 8 Sell From Your Ad or Your Follow-up
  • CHAPTER 9 The Computer Makes Mail Order Easy
  • CHAPTER 10 How To Select the Right Mail Order Advertising Agency
  • CHAPTER 11 The Internet—Super Charging Your Mail Order Business
  • Without question one of the most important chapters in the book. You’ll learn

    1. How To Establish An Online Presence
    2. Company Blog
    3. The Importance of SEO
    4. Maintain Communication With Your Prospect and Customers
    5. Pulling In Targeted Free Traffic
    6. The Importance of Social Networking Sites
    7. Securing Traffic With Paid Measures
  • CHAPTER 12…Fourteen Sure-Fire Check Off Lists That Guarantee “The Check is in the mail”

Order Now and Save $10
As a special offer only available to readers of this blog. You can now buy the book directly from me for the special price of $29.95 plus $3.50 for first class postage and handling. Send a check or money order in the amount of $33.45 payable to SUPERIOR PRESS along with your name and address to: Superior Press 333 N. Michigan Ave STE 1032 Chicago IL 60601 and I will promptly ship the book. Or you can purchase the book at the regular retail price from Amazon.

20 Question You Need to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Mail Order Business

The reason most people visit my blog is because they think they may want to start a business of their own and mail order sounds like a good way to begin. Let me assure you IT IS.

Here are questions you should answer. They come from the U.S. Small Business Administration. Many people dream of having their own business. To see if starting a business is right for you, ask yourself these important 20 questions. Your answers will help you determine if you are ready to become a small business owner or where you need to spend more time in planning.

  1. Am I prepared to spend the time, money and resources needed to get my business started?
  2. One of the benefits of a mail order business is that the cost to start is much less than most others.

  3. What kind of business do I want?
  4. What products/services will my business provide?
  5. Why am I starting a business?
  6. What is my target market?
  7. Who is my competition?
  8. What is unique about my business idea and the products/services I will provide?
  9. How soon will it take before my products/services are available?
  10. How much money do I need to get my business set up?
  11. How long can I have to finance the company until I start making a profit?
  12. Will I need to get a loan?
  13. How will I price my product/service compared to my competition?
  14. How will I market my business?
  15. How will I set up the legal structure of my business?
  16. How will I manage my business?
  17. Where will I house my business?
  18. How many employees will I need to start up?
  19. What types of suppliers do I need to contact?
  20. What kind of insurance do I need to invest in?
  21. What do I need to do to ensure I am paying my taxes correctly?

Sounds complicated? With my book HOW TO BECOME A MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE the answers to these questions and many more are discussed in detail. Send for a copy and if you are not completely satisfied return the book for a 100% refund. No questions asked.

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