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Overcome the Fear of Failure and Become a Successful Entrepreneur

It has never been more important to consider BECOMING AN ENTREPRENEUR. Most men and women are finding it almost impossible to find a job these days…any job, let alone one that utilizes their skills and pays them a living wage. Why not consider a business of your own. One that requires no franchise fees, no licensing. One that can be easily started from your home. What keeps most people from making this most obvious decision is FEAR OF FAILURE.

Let me help you take that first step Becoming an entrepreneur, starting your own mail order business can be scary for someone who has never done it. I will try to eliminate some of that apprehension.

BEING AN ENTREPRENEUR is all about fear.


“The difference between succeeding and failing is how you choose to confront your fears”

This quote is from Chris Savage, CEO and co-founder of WISTIA an online video hosting service.

My newly revised book HOW TO BECOME A MAIL ORDER MILLIONAIRE will help to eliminate two of these three fears and make the third fear irrelevant. How do I know this? Because after more than forty years in the mail order advertising business, I have learned the secrets to success. This knowledge along with how to instructions are all in my book.

In this book I will share with you all I know about starting and running your own successful mail order business. There are 12 easy to read chapters that take you from Chapter 1 HOW TO START YOUR OWN MAIL ORDER BUSINESS FROM SCRATCH to Chapter 12… FOURTEEN SURE-FIRE CHECK OFF LISTS that practically guarantees success.

I’m so sure that after reading this book you will no longer fear failure or fear making wrong decisions that if you don’t
agree just return the book and I will send your money back…no questions asked.

  • CHAPTER 1 How To Start Your Own Mail Order Business From Scratch
  • CHAPTER 2 How To Find Great Mail Order Products
  • CHAPTER 3 How To Make Your Mail Order Business Profitable From the Start
  • CHAPTER 4 What Should Your Product or Service Sell For
  • CHAPTER 5 How to Add the Magic of Mail Order to Any Existing Business
  • CHAPTER 6 Secrets to Creating Winning Mail Order Ads
  • CHAPTER 7 How to Know When You’ve Got A Winner
  • CHAPTER 8 Sell From Your Ad or Your Follow-up
  • CHAPTER 9 The Computer Makes Mail Order Easy
  • CHAPTER 10 How To Select the Right Mail Order Advertising Agency
  • CHAPTER 11 The Internet—Super Charging Your Mail Order Business
  • Without question one of the most important chapters in the book. You’ll learn

    1. How To Establish An Online Presence
    2. Company Blog
    3. The Importance of SEO
    4. Maintain Communication With Your Prospect and Customers
    5. Pulling In Targeted Free Traffic
    6. The Importance of Social Networking Sites
    7. Securing Traffic With Paid Measures
  • CHAPTER 12…Fourteen Sure-Fire Check Off Lists That Guarantee “The Check is in the mail”

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