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Shocking Mating (s-e-x) Secrets Reveal Survival of the Fittest

Terry Tom Brown, a science student at Columbia University has written a delightful essay in the October 16, 2011 issue of the New York Times. Some excerpts follow.

“Throughout the school year I am employed at a popular nature museum where I care for animals, primarily insects. To me it’s the best job ever. For a science student, it’s much better than folding clothes at a department store. I have also learned a lot, odd facts I tend to spout out during dinner conversations, like: ‘Butterflies can see with their genitals. They have photoreceptive cells on their sex organs’.

“I actually have said those words on dates. That’s how a nerd copes with first-date anxiety.

“I also collect information on animal courtship and my knowledge is extensive enough to make David Attenborough blush.”

“Did you know that a female hump-back whale lifts her genitals above the water while males fight for her affections? Male fruit flies give females a gently pat on the behind to let them know they are interested (not much different from some guys I know). Panamanian golden tree frogs wave their tiny hands to communicate their desires. And albatrosses, which stay together their entire lives, keep it interesting by entertaining each other with goofy ritual dancing”.

“I think life would be good as a monogamous albatross, partly because I find human courtship senseless. In almost all species of animals I have studied, a remarkable gesture of interest is what wins a mate. In humans, it’s the opposite”.

“Constructing a brightly colored nest works wonders for the bower-bird. Clownfish will actually change their sex in the right setting. Bonobo chimpanzees display their physical interest in one another directly and ceaselessly, performing sex acts as greetings”.

“Perhaps humans have simply entered a new stage of evolution in which we have abandoned chocolates, door holding, flowers or any overt gesture of interest for a new and unnatural order of things”.

“Dating sites are like virtual zoos, but for humans. You can learn about the various creatures by reading their panels and observe them without any real danger, but you should think carefully before squeezing through the bars to meet what is lurking on the other side”.

“Working at the museum greenhouse recently, I saw a pair of bird wing butterflies engaged in a courtship dance. The male, with his shimmering green wings, flies up and under the female repeatedly until she submits. This male looked exhausted; he had spent so much time seeking here attention that his wings had become tattered and faded”.

“That evening a large group of children were in the museum for a special event. A few were excited seeing a large butterfly carrying a smaller one in flight. At first I thought it was the same mating behavior of the previous pair but then I realized it was something tragically different”.

“The female was spiraling in the air with the corpse of the male butterfly attached. He had died during intercourse. He must have been so exhausted from impressing her that when she finally gave in, he gave out. Spending most of the day resisting him, the female did not have the strength to remove him, so she died also.”

Insects and other animals survive in many cases because they put out more effort than their competitors. This is true of most self-made millionaires. If you truly want to become a mail order millionaire why not start with a FREE TRIAL of my book. This small effort on your part could not only make you a survivor but quite possibly the next mail order millionaire. Here’s my special offer for you.

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